Register as a Blood Donor

Steps To Donate 


Register as a donor with Online Blood Bank :

Click on the link below and submit the Google form


Receive a verification call on your registered number to be a verified donor.


You will get connected to the seeker by Online Blood Bank when we receive a blood request

Are you an eligible donor ?

You can donate every 3 months if :

You are a healthy adult between 18 and 65 years of age

You are free from any communicable diseases such HIV/AIDS, etc. 

Your weight is 45 kg or above and

haemoglobin level is 12.5 g/dL or more

You waited for a year after piercing and/or tattooing

Your blood pressure is such that systolic is 100-180 mm Hg and diastolic is 50-100 mm Hg

You are not menstruating, pregnant, breastfeeding during donation or have had a miscarriage in the past six months


Terms & Conditions:

By submitting the above form I consent to be reached out to via phone call, sms, email or any other form of electronic communication.

It is further clarified that my registration on the website/this form shall be deemed to be my consent to be contacted for the purposes mentioned above.